America will become a patchwork of CHL chaos

//America will become a patchwork of CHL chaos

America will become a patchwork of CHL chaos

I just read a story about how the gun grabbing freak show has reached astronomical heights in Colorado. It seems that America’s race towards Europen-style avarice has taken a serious and inexplicable turn.  I read that the Colorado legislature is about to ban PUMP ACTION SHOTGUNS!!! What the hell?

I don’t even know how to begin to explain how illegal this is. The Constitution is clear. What the hell?! Where does gun banning begin and end?  Start from either end of the argument, and it ends with the law being violated.  If the 2A says we get to own and use firearms, then there are no firearms that can be banned without violating the 2A.   If one bans shotguns, then why not bolt action rifles, revolvers, and semi-autos of any kind eventually ending in a complete ban on all guns…..which violates the 2A.

I don’t understand why those on the extreme left feel they need to force everyone to follow their beliefs. Who the hell do they think they are and why is their opinion more important than mine?  If I had a pile of dog poop in my hand, I wouldn’t trade it for a Progressive Liberal’s thoughts or feelings. But, I would fight and die for their right to have those beliefs.  I would not, however, expect them or EVER try to require them to follow my beliefs.

If you don’t like the Constitution, haul ass.

The federal gun ban is being fought for and against on the national stage. This is tremendously dangerous, but not as important in my opinion as the chaos that is going on at the state level.  The way it stands now, some states are passing legislation saying they would defend the 2A despite any federal bans. Others are saying “forget the feds…we’re going to ban WAY more guns than they are!”

This is going to result in a strange and confusing patchwork of states that are pro and anti gun. There will be no rhyme or reason to which states require this or that, which guns are banned, which guns are protected, etc.  Let the confusion begin…..

We voted for them. Now we have to live with them.

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