Second Amendment – Death by a thousand cuts

//Second Amendment – Death by a thousand cuts

Second Amendment – Death by a thousand cuts

This is the way it’s been. I said it before and I’ll say it again: They will never be able to take our 2A rights away with one big vote. It’ll be done over years and years through many smaller votes. The Obama administration has mastered the art of death by a thousand cuts. Instead of putting a comprehensive, massive package (like was done with Obamacare), the Libs have broken it up into several more “swallowable” packages.

This is a smart move, but deadly for the Second Amendment (aka 2A).  There were over 37,000 gun laws on the books before Aurora and Connecticut.  Now things are way worse.  There are states that are proposing that citizens be required to register guns….other states have legislation requiring every citizen to have guns. This chaos is flourishing so prolifically that local, state, and the feds alike have worked each other up into a kool-ade drinking frenzy Jim Jones would be proud of.

Forget logic. Forget reason. Forget sanity. You can even forget the Constitution because the Progressive Libs have tossed all of that stuff out the window and are clamoring over each other like mindless zombies to be the brightest and most shining example of effete errudite Libtardness.  After all, if THEY don’t want guns, then NO ONE should have them, right?

Well, even the best and brightest of the Libtards have now admitted that the assault weapon ban will not pass. See link below.  The very reason they broke all the gun ban bills into pieces was because the Assault Weapon Ban was so unlikely. What this means is that the lesser laws (like background checks cum/registration, high cap magazines, etc) will be more easily passed…..those good ol’ politicians have to think about thei future, don’t they? They need to be able to say they made “partisan” and “common sense” decisions about things that Really Matter.  This is how the 2A gets watered down into nothing. I’m sick of all of it. I’m sick of all of them. I would love for someone with some balls to run for president. I am wholly disillusioned about the American political system right now.

Maybe it’s just a phase or frustration talking. We voted for them….now we have to live with them.

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