The “illogic of Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban”

//The “illogic of Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban”

The “illogic of Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban”

Finally someone in Washington and the media has pointed to the obvious. Finally they have questioned the glaring holes in Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).  She has repeatedly stated that certain guns should be banned because of one or two cosmetic aspects that make them “look” scary. Repeatedly, she has brought up the fact that some people should be allowed to use them while others should not. How does she draw these lines? Illogically….that’s how.  It’s been a long time since I was proud of a politician. In general, i feel they are not to be trusted. But our boy Senator John Cornyn has been kicking some serious ass recently. He openly questioned Feinstein and held her feet to the fire on the AWB.

A journalist from The Washington Post of all places has reported the flawed logic of saying that current and former law enforcement should be allowed to own and use “assault weapons” while victims of rape and violence should not. And she reported John Cornyn’s protest to this lack of logic.  She also said that current and former military vets should never be allowed to use them because they “may have PTSD”. That’s a direct quote folks.  Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) may brandish their “assault weapons” a dozen times in a career. Statistically, they will most likely never even fire one in the line of duty. Military personnel, however, carry one to work every day and use them frequently in the various theaters of war. So how could a LEO be more capable than military? They are certainly trained and capable…..but more capable?

What about the victims or potential victims of violence? It takes 30 minutes to teach the basics of how to use an AR-15. Half that to teach someone to use an AK style rifle. Why shouldn’t they or I be allowed to use them?  Of course this wholly discounts the sporting, competition, and hunting uses for these so called “assault rifles”.

But we never really believed that the AWB was based on logic did we? Feinstein had her day from 1994-2004 when she pushed through the Clinton era AWB….and crime ROSE.  Woops.

But who could better express that? ironically, the Washington Post… this article. Be proud of John Cornyn my friends and spread the word…..he’s making a difference.

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