Assault Weapon Ban shot down….as predicted. But is it over?

//Assault Weapon Ban shot down….as predicted. But is it over?

Assault Weapon Ban shot down….as predicted. But is it over?

I hate to say…but I told ya so. I say this with no joy. I have no smile on my face. Only sadness that what I felt to be true months ago, proved to not only be true but worse than I thought.  Today the Senate failed to pass any meaningful gun control measures due to a lack of majority, some political maneuvers, and a bunch of lies by the President and other pro-gun control politicians. Is this good news? Damn right. But the worst news has yet to be discussed by the predictably leftist press.

Do you remember months ago when I said to pay attention to the final bills/amendments that were going to be voted on? Do you remember when I told you that the mental health issues that the Libs swore to address would be absent from all meaningful legislation to be voted on?  Well, the issues voted on in the Senate today made ZERO mention of the mental health issuues that cause d-bags to grab a gun or knife and kill people. They made no mention of it for one reason and one reason only…..they don’t care about it. They don’t have a care in the world if someone suffers from substance abuse, bi-polar disorder, an anti-social personality disorder, or whatever.  They…don’t……..

The loons on the far left (like the loons on the far right) only care about self indulgence. They are mindless robots that know only how to push an agenda in lieu of what people actually want. Any extremist is at their most basic, very predictable. But this administration takes their egomaniacal, self indulgence to a new level. They are liars that fight dirty. Like the movie says, “THAT’S the Chicago way!”

So, thankfully, we 2A lovers won a small victory. Be happy about it. It’s a move away from the wrong direction. But believe me, amigos, the war is still raging around us. The Chicago Mobster-in-chief will continue to attack the constitution. He will do so because he hates it. And here’s how he’ll do it.

First, look out for the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This is a wholly subjective mountain of jello that gives some political power to anti-gunners on an international level. As there are almost no bounds, rules, or expectations with this, expect Obama to manipulate this like only he can…. hatefully  Second, look for the AWB and Background Check bans to be re-introduced after the upcoming Senate elections next year when the balance of power changes some.  Finally, watch how the states will erupt in anti/pro gun legislation that is reactionary and not well thought out just like before.

If you’re looking for a CHL class in Dallas, TX give me a call. Or at least call someone. I used to say that we should expect the occassional 2A attack. Now, I feel that we will be perpetually in a 2A fight. I’ve never seen our country so divided…..never. Everyone is constantly mad about something and demanding more of government and more strengthened laws. When what we really need is less government and fewer constricting laws.  That’s the way politics go nowadays. If you don’t get what you want, muddy the waters forever.

Enjoy the recent small victory. Take a CHL class in Plano, tx or wherever you are. Buy some ammo, buy a gun, enjoy the shooting sports, and have fun being outdoors doing something fun and fulfilling. But, I’ll leave you with this political warning:

Watch your six, and vote wisely next year.

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