Police and citizen shoot dogs to save mauled boy in DC. Citizen fined $1000.

//Police and citizen shoot dogs to save mauled boy in DC. Citizen fined $1000.

Police and citizen shoot dogs to save mauled boy in DC. Citizen fined $1000.

This normally would be put in my “WTH” file, but I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of things we talked about in class about the defense of yourself and others (a third person).  The Times reported a story today of a boy in DC walking down the street when a pack of 3 pit bulls escaped and attacked the little boy. All the adults around the boy ran…..except one. He ran inside, got his Ruger, and started shooting the dogs as safety allowed. A local bike cop heard the shots and rode over to help. While both cop and citizen defended themselves legally, the cop was called a hero…..the man that saved the boy’s life got a $1000 fine.

Welcome to DC, amigos. He was fined because DC has a gun registry, and the man had not registered his gun before saving the boy’s life.

I wanted to add this to the blog to remind you of a couple of things we talked about in class. Remember when I mentioned that you could be within the bounds of the law and still be punished? This is an example of that. Sometimes doing the right thing costs us. As I “game” through scenarios so that I may be slightly more prepared, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things that I’m willing to get fined or jailed over. This is a rare example of that.

Also, we talked briefly in class in the self defense part of the day about defending yourself and others and to keep in mind things like when a homeless man/woman approach you or when a stray dog attacks….what would you do. While stray dog attacks are rare, they happen. So please think or “game” though what you would have done in this scenario.

Finally, I wanted to point out yet another example of the ridiculousness of Gun Registration. There are too many down sides to list, but this is definitely one.



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