The UN ATT, Starbucks, and Ugly Guns newsletter

//The UN ATT, Starbucks, and Ugly Guns newsletter

The UN ATT, Starbucks, and Ugly Guns newsletter

Obama has signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty….why it’s still dangerous   

Even though America has told President Obama via their Senators that they do not want him to sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty, he (of course) has done it anyway.  Am I shocked?  Not at all. He is a man of low character and less integrity. The founding fathers said long ago that our elected officials should be a representative from their constituent’s area and be a man of integrity so that once elected they will actually do what the people elected him to do.   He has made zero effort to do anything other than what he wants.  So, no shocker in the Second Amendment department.

The good news is that the Senate will kill this UN Arms Trade Treaty.  Bad news, Obama doesn’t care and will most likely create several new Executive Orders killing our 2A rights anyway…..keep an eye out. The next elections in 2014 will be CRITICAL.  The next presidential elections in 2016 will be even more so.  Get ready folks. You thought things were bad now?

Starbucks says “No guns, please” and why I’m OK with that

I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, but someone sent me a youtube video ( of some guys exercising their 2A rights by walking around town and several business with AR-15’s and shotguns strapped to their backs….testing the waters.   My thoughts? What a bunch idiots.

I have spent the past couple of decades being involved in, fighting for, donating money towards, and teaching 2A rights and responsibilities. So no one…..NO ONE….can say I am anti-gun. But people who shove their 2A rights rudely and horrifyingly in an innocent business owner’s face is hurting our cause.  They are not exercising a damn thing. They are, though, accomplishing two important things:   They’re scaring the hell out of innocent neighbors. And they’re making life more difficult for those of us that are fighting for the 2A.  Oh….I guess they’re also fulfilling their own need to act like an idiot and then publish it on youtube for the world to see.  Like my cop buddies say, “It’s not illegal to be an idiot.”

One of the very few things I hate about our country (or more specifically our citizenry), is our constant need to “stand up for our rights” by throwing crap in non-believer’s faces.  This is a serious problem and why nothing we want to do gets accomplished….because there’s always someone out there that thinks differently and everyone involved has to shove their opinions in people’s faces.  I don’t care what the topic is: religion, lack of religion, gay or straight, white or black, pro-this or anti-that.  I am sick of having everything shoved in my face.  I can’t even watch PBS without having someone’s views forced on me.

I am not preaching anti-gun ideas here. I’m not even preaching PRO-gun ideas. I’m preaching kindness and respect for others.  Period.  You want to change things? Vote. Vote in every election that comes down the pike. Local, state, and federal. Vote every time you can.  Then after you vote, call your representatives when an issue that’s important to you comes up.  BUT BE POLITE!!! We as Americans sure don’t have any problems telling those with opposing views and our representatives when they are “wrong”, but when was the last time you contacted any of your reps and said “Thanks for voting on _____?”   I know most of the young staffers that answer the phones for my senators and congressmen because they’re usually one of a few people in each office.  I asked one staffer how often people call to say thanks….he answered by laughing.  Very sad.  We Americans have a politeness problems.  Greatest country on the planet? Damn right.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t confront our negative characteristics when they crop up.  And this is a huge negative characteristic.

Starbucks has every right in the world to NOT allow guns in their establishment. I, personally, think that is a bad idea, and I’ll let them know by buying coffee and tea elsewhere.  But I also respect their right to run their business how they want.  You want to protest Starbucks? Great!  Tell all your like minded friends your opinion, and then boycott or go support whomever.  But who in this country honestly thinks that they are helping ANYONE buy strapping their AR-15 or their shotgun to their back and then confronting a local business?

I’ll be perfectly honest here. If I am in a Walmart, Starbucks, or anywhere in public and some jerk walks through the door with his Remington 870 strapped to his back my hand is going straight to my carry gun while I run with my wife and kids out the back door.  If he was dumb enough to walk in with a long gun in his hands, there is a 50/50 chance I’m pulling it as I run (depending on his behavior).  Either way, I’m calling in the Po Po on this jerk.

We all get to exercise out constitutional rights. But it’s time to grow up America….those rights come with responsibilities.  One of our responsibilities is not throwing crap in the opposition’s face in the hopes that it will magically make them see the light.  Another one is to not scare the hell out of our neighbors who just want to get some shopping done.   Be kind.   We Americans are a stubborn lot.  When a natural or man made disaster occurs, we are all over helping our neighbors.  But a news cycle or so later, we suddenly forget how to be kind and respectful.  We will do nothing for our cause by scaring the anti-gunners and giving them legitimate reasons to call us Extremists.


I got a new ugly gun!!!

I am a self described lover of ugly guns. I think it started when I was a kid. The big chunky, ugly guns always fascinated me. The Maxim machine gun, the Enfield rifle used by the Brits….hell anything made by the French or the Japanese…..they always fascinated me.  Take the AK-47 for example. It’s the mother of all ugly guns, and I LOVE IT!

Well, I was thinking about what my newborn’s daughter’s first gun should be. How could I satiate my need for those little guns that are so ugly they’re cute (kinda like a Pug), AND get a gun that reminds me of my little girl (who is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen)?  Sounds conflicting, I know.   I bought Charlie a Ruger 10/22 Takedown the day he was born. He just seemed like a Ruger 10/22 type of kid….classic and cool.  It got me thinking about Squeaky (my nickname for Elie) and what her gun should be. She’s short, fun, and makes cute little noises.  I instantly thought of the Chiappa Little Badger! Who wouldn’t, right?  It’s small, collapsible, and makes a cute little noise.  It’s also very smartly built in that it comes threaded so I can put one of my .22LR silencers on it… it’s also now quieter and even more fun!  I’m told once they hit junior

high, that I will wish I could put a silencer on her, but who knows.  Right now, I just dream about the day when Squeaky and I can take out the Little Badger and watch her out shoot her big brother!


By the way, I am a genius at picking perfect guns for kids.  I’m like the Kid Gun Whisperer. I am in talks with some cable channels to have my own show, but I’m not holding out hope. If you need help, I will not charge you.

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