Got a new Hunting Handgun!

//Got a new Hunting Handgun!

Got a new Hunting Handgun!

When I was a kid, my dad had the coolest Thompson Contender. It was a handgun for hunting. It’s a single shot pistol that you can put an amazing number of barrels on. It takes maybe a minute or two to switch out the barrels. My dad’s had a 30-06 and another barrel that I can’t remember. But they were so cool.

Well, today I finally bought a Thompson Encore (the newer version of the Contender) on It comes with 2 barrels…one in .223 and the other in 7mm-08.  The barrels are 15″ long, so they won’t be brutal, but the 7mm-08 won’t be the funnest thing to shoot. But I am very excited! I have always wanted this kind of a utilitarian pistol. My plan is to get a .308 barrel that is 15″ and have it threaded for a suppressor by a gunsmith buddy of mine.  Talk about fun.

I can’t wait until we go hunting in South Texas in January!

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