Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!

//Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!

Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!

Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!

     I was listening to a radio talk show on the way home from a concealed handgun license class in McKinney last week. It drove me crazy…..I’ve listened to the effete intelligentsia ponder for weeks now what Should! and Should Not! be done with guns and those crazy bastards that want them.  

I think that high capacity magazines have a decent chance of going the way of the Dodo bird unfortunately.  I also think that universal background checks have a semi-decent chance of becoming a reality, although this will take more political capital than high cap magazines to get passed I feel.  Call your Congressmen and Senators folks….
     But one thing I heard that really stood out is that legislators have been working behind the scenes to make Black Rifles (the “scary” ones like AR-15’s and AK-47’s) a National Firearms Act (NFA) compliant gun. To make an item NFA compliant means that the ATF would have to
approve of and tax
the general public for using a certain gun or gun related device (like a sound suppressor…aka “silencer”). Whether or not the average citizen is allowed to own NFA guns and devices will be regulated, as it is now, by the ATF. Sigh….

      Not only does this say that the Second Amendment is inadequate and must be bolstered by an agency that can’t tie its own budgetary shoelaces or run a simple operation without screwing it up. But more importantly, it forces us to pay a $200 tax and wait for months or years for each NFA item to be allowed or not allowed by the ATF. If this happens, this is the way it will play out.
     Say you want to buy an AR-15. You will have to go find one you like and can afford (prices will of course have skyrocketed), then pay the gun dealer for the rifle. Then you have to walk out without your rifle because the gun dealer will then be forced to hold on to it for months/years after he sends in the paperwork to the ATF. I forgot to mention that before you leave the store, you’ll have to write a $200 check to the ATF to pay for all this paperwork they have to process. Then you wait…..and wait…..and wait…… I have 3 items that the ATF is “approving” right now, and the wait time is 6-8 months. Imagine if every black rifle is required to be an NFA item? Wait times will skyrocket easily to a year or two years.
     But I say why wait? Get them now while the wait is short. NFA items like sound suppressors and short barreled rifles and shotguns (barrels shorter than 16″) are a total blast! NFA items basically include any long gun with a barrel shorter than 16″, sound suppressor (aka “silencer”), and machine guns.

     The thing is….you can have these NOW!!! I have shot short barreled rifles and shotguns, as well as suppressors. They are a complete blast. Also, you can hunt in Texas with a silencer/suppressor! Talk about fun….. You can get one of these fun and useful toys one of two ways. First option is that you can go pay for one and then hope your local LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) will “sign off” on it allowing you to have it (ridiculous….) or you can form a Gun Trust and circumvent the LEO’s approval altogether. I would recommend forming a Gun Trust all day long because it is not LEO’s job to “allow” meto own or not own something guaranteed to me by the 2nd Amendment.

So here’s what you do:
   1.Call my guy Christopher Bass at the contact info below — He’s the best and cheapest guy in Texas. Believe me, I found this out the hard way. I originally started my Gun Trust with another lawyer that wouldn’t return my calls once he got paid, so don’t use anyone but this guy!!! He’s a lawyer that builds Gun Trusts all the time, and he helped me with mine.
                Christopher Bass — 214-596-8314 -christopherbass01@gmail.com

  2.Then call my NFA gun dealer and buddy Matt Wear at the number below – to find a silencer, machine gun, or short barrel long gun….. or any gun for that matter. I’m not kidding when I say I’m going over there today or tomorrow to buy a couple of .22 suppressors. No one beats Matt’s prices or his willingness to help.
                Matt Wear – Recoil Outfitters – 214-566-5978 – matt@recoiloutfitters.com

     BTW, please tell both of these guys that I sent you when you call them or go see them. This is a small community we have of instructors, FFL’s, and NFA guys. It’s important for me to hear when someone recommends me, so please do the same for these guys.

     The 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to own and use firearms. There are people who do nothing all day but try to take that freedom away. So call my buddies above……Might as well enjoy them!

    Do you want to have a CHL class Dallas, TX or the surrounding suburbs? Please call me. My wife and kids are safer with you walking around armed. This is a statistical fact, and we need you.


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