Chicago’s Top Cop blames violence on Gun Lobby

//Chicago’s Top Cop blames violence on Gun Lobby

Chicago’s Top Cop blames violence on Gun Lobby

Chicago’s top cop is once again pointing the finger at everyone else for his city’s outrageous violence pandemic.  As you know, I don’t read or watch the news. I’m tired of being told by the media what I’m supposed to think and vote for. A student from a concealed handgun license class in McKinney sent it to me.

Why is it those that plead constantly for the rest of us un-enlightened troglodytes to be more accepting and open-minded are the same ones that refuse to allow others to do anything that doesn’t align perfectly with their opinions. But I digress….

So Chicago’s Top Cop was feeling the pressure from a city that has had one of the worst violence problems in the world for decades, and he said that his city’s violence problem was due to the Gun Lobby.  Of course this is the same guy that last blamed “government sponsored racism” and (when that didn’t get a good sound bite) actually blamed Sarah Palin. What an idiot.

This reminds me of when the government of Mexico blamed the U.S. for its massive drug and violence problem. Anyone sensing a pattern? This proves two things….those places that have the most stringent gun control have the worst violence, and those that hate guns the most make the least sense. It also proves one of my very few maxims: There are no factual arguments against guns, only emotional ones.


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