Biden flip flops. Says Cops in School Now a Good Idea

//Biden flip flops. Says Cops in School Now a Good Idea

Biden flip flops. Says Cops in School Now a Good Idea

One of the things I fear most about all the gun grabber lunacy is the splintering of gun and CHL laws on the local level that will ultimately leave the US in a kind of random patchwork of pro and anti gun laws that will be confusing to everyone. Just read the news and you’ll notice the huge amount of noise being raised on the state level to protect gun rights. There are around 15 states that already have legislation being proposed or in process with many more promising some of their own to varying degrees.  This has been a very interesting undercurrent to the federal nonsense that is being pushed, and it is giving me this sneaking sense that the pro-gun politicians are getting stronger while the anti-gun and those on the fence are losing the tiniest amount of steam


Joe Biden just flip flopped himself. When the NRA proposed have cops in schools to protect against bad guys, the prostitutes/politicians/media on the left screamed that this would be an outrage to have law enforcement protect our children… Uncle Joe says we should!  Not only that, he proposed it HIMSELF in 1994 with his very own anti-gun legislation that included statistical proof that LEO’s are a deterrent.  Read more here:

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