Wounded Warrior Project is anti-gun?!

//Wounded Warrior Project is anti-gun?!

Wounded Warrior Project is anti-gun?!

One of my long time mentors has been the nationally recognized television and radio show host of Gun Talk and Gun Talk Radio named Tom Gresham. I’ve never actually met him. But I’ve been listening to, watching, and (on rare occassion) emailing back and forth with him for years.  I listen to his radio show and follow his blog religiously. I was shocked when I heard of his tragic experience with the Wounded Warrior Project.  The WWP was invited to be a part of his Veteran’s Day show but declined because Gun Talk Radio is “associated with guns”!!!

Wait a minute…..what?  I re-read his article and then listened to the interview between him and the CEO of the WWP. It was unbelievably shocking. They have been accepting millions and millions of dollars in donations each year from companies and people donating money in shooting competitions and benefits, planned hunts, and gun related activities of all kinds. Not any more…..

They have decided that they do not want their brand associated with us dirty gun owners….but they’ll happily take our money.  Well, they won’t be taking any of mine ever again. I’ve donated for several years now, but that has stopped.

I would never tell my friends, family, and students whom to donate to. But I hope you’ll exercise serious and sober judgement when it comes to where your donations go.  One of things Tom Gresham mentioned to the CEO of the WWP is that there are many places, avenues, and ways to support veterans. I would suggest finding another way. MetroplexCHL certainly will be….. Here’s the full article: http://www.ammoland.com/2012/11/wounded-warrior-project-is-anti-gun/##axzz2Lfosk9cL


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