Just went to the Mesquite Gun Show

//Just went to the Mesquite Gun Show

Just went to the Mesquite Gun Show

My dad and I got a wild hair to see a circus, so we went to the Mesquite Gun Show to check out the carnival of high priced guns that we’d heard are everywhere nowadays. I had just heard students in my Dallas area concealed handgun class talking about this very thing after the Obama re-election. I was shocked at what I saw. We started on the left and walked through every isle looking at every single gun on every table. We were shocked to see the number and variety of AR’s and semi auto pistols and rifles. But even more shocking were the prices!

They weren’t bad at all!  I had friends that went to gun shows right after all the craziness started and was told horror stories about the high prices and lack of stock available.  One friend went to a show in Houston at the height of the frenzy and reported that he didn’t see one AR less than $2100!  Well that certainly wasn’t the case at this gun show.  Prices were a little high….but not that bad considering.  I didn’t see anymore price gouging that has always been present (there’s always been guys that think they’re AR is way nicer than the guy next to them with the exact same gun).   There were base model AR’s at very reasonable prices, as well as all the popular semi-auto pistols and revolvers you could imagine.

Please take this as me enabling you to go spend some money. We need to stimulate the economy people! Go buy more guns! Ammo….still hard to find and expensive, but at least we can find the guns for good prices. 🙂

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