Today is the day when the 2A began the fight for its life

//Today is the day when the 2A began the fight for its life

Today is the day when the 2A began the fight for its life

There are few times in life where one can look back and see a very specific and defined point where things have changed. Yes, the Second Amendment (2A) has been attached for decades. Yes, there was a 10 year partial ban on guns. Yes they have been ramping up this latest assault for weeks/months. But today is the turning point. There was pre-9/11 and then post-9/11. Today is that day for the 2A…..

I have been following key people on Twitter for a while now. It’s my attempt to keep informed in a way that I wouldn’t be forced to follow the biased drivel published daily in the press. I follow everyone from my local, state, and federal politicians like Sam Johnson, Pete Sessions, Obama, et al to pro-gun and anti-gun groups….and yes…..a few celebs for some quick laughs. Normally, I’ll get several Tweets a day. Yesterday, I got so many that the battery life on my phone was grasping desperately at any power cable that lingered within its reach.

Both pro and anti gun groups were broadcasting their spin on the Feinstein’s “big reveal” and people were losing their minds. Today is that day in the sand from which the anti-gunners cannot return. They have revealed their hand and their formula to destroy a small but critical part of the Constitution. And it is going to be brutal. Do not believe those people that tell you “there’s no way they can get your guns.” Do no believe those people from who’s mouths flow platitudes, cliches, and promises that “this too shall pass”. These are the people with their heads in the sand. And believe me, amigos. The time for burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best is forever gone.

I heard recaps of some tired old arguments as well as some new and never used angles to get rid of guns. Suicides would be reduced, they said. Mass shootings would be diminshed, they swore. Violent crimes would decrease, they promised. This was the moral compass that would guide their methodical and relentless attack. Well….that and the progressive’s dead and exploited poster children from Connecticut. It’s not enough that their arguments would not have saved even one those poor children, but now they have to exploit their lives milking every ounce of dignity that remains of their memories. My disgust for the far left (and the far right), at times, will force me to pause to collect my breath. I have to pause in order to quell the urge to scream at the ignorance and morally casual way that those on the extreme ends of any debate will abuse any and every line from a book, every victim of every crime, and every word ever spoken as if it were sent from the heavens for their abusive and exploitative needs.

It reminds me of a quote I read by a French political philosopher named Alexis de Tocqueville. He said, “It is odd to watch with what feverish ardour Americans pursue prosperity, ever tormented by the shadowy suspicion that they may not have chosen the shortest route to get it.” He was referring to the Get Rich Quick types and Snake Oil Salesmen of the mid-1800’s, but the same mentality of Americans being guilty of taking the shortest path regardless of the consequences holds true to this attack against the 2A. How could the gun grabbers think so shallowly and impotently? How could they honestly and logically think that getting rid of guns would placate the violent and mentally ill among us? Why not help those that are ill instead of slapping their hands and taking away all of life’s dangerous things from everyone else who isn’t ill? I have trouble wrapping my head around the lack of depth and total absence of logic in their arguments.

I have been reading up on suicides and guns recently and have found no statistical information for or against guns being used in suicides other than to say that they were in fact used, or a knife was used, or a car, or a rope, etc. The overwhelming theme was that those that commit suicide do so by whatever means they have available. By that I mean, getting rid of carbon monoxide entirely would force someone to simply consider a different means to do the terrible deed. It is the mental illness that kills them. The rope they used to do it was incidental.

I have also been reading up on crime stats, and I did find some very important and telling statistics:

Fact 1 – During the 10 years during the Clinton Gun Ban, crimes commited by guns increased.

Fact 2 – In the 10 years after the Clinton Gun Ban ended, crime decreased.

Fact 3 – After the DC vs. Heller decision (allowing for CHL’ers to carry in Washington DC), shooting deaths decreased.

But I think that I could find 50 dump trucks full of indisputable facts. I could back the 50 dump trucks into Diane Feinstein’s and Chuck Schumer’s front yards, and pile them high…..but the gun grabbers appear to have no need for actual facts. They simply seek out a dead kid, and then they exploit him or her for their needs. “Facts be damned,” they say. “This is what I want, so everyone else has to want it to!”

I don’t care if someone hates guns, hates CHL’s and CHL’ers, and wishes all guns were gone forever. In fact, I would even die for their right to have that opinion. What I can’t figure out, however, is why Americans nowadays think that everyone else MUST agree with them. Maybe I’m not old enough….or too old…. but I think back to a time when life and people were more simple. More accepting. More accomodating. It was a time when others got to disagree with you without fear of getting screamed at or belittled. But I can’t figure out when Americans became so mean. Did this shift occur before my time or after? I never felt it. Was my peaceful youth just a phase?

Regardless of what I think, the fight is here now. We have made our decisions on both side of the argument and crossed the line in the sand. I hope our Constitution isn’t ripped apart by the carrion birds that want to selfishly deny others their God given rights because they disagree.

We voted for them. Now we have to live with them…..

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