Summer’s Over… time!!!

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WOW!  Has it been a crazy summer or what?  I’m pleased to announce the newest member of the McCollum Clan….my daughter Eliana Mae McCollum was born on September 11….take that terrorists!!!  She is, of course, gorgeous  I was sitting in the hospital 10 days ago thinking how stinking hot it was and how much it [...]

About Statistics and Polls

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       I heard yet another statistic today. It’s ridiculously off base from last week’s skewed stat.  Last week, 90% of ALL Americans favored gun control. This week… 64%!!!!  Wow!  Statistically speaking (heehee) that is way off from last week’s prognosticators spewing numbers with furrowed brows that 9 out of 10 Americans want background [...]

Looking for CHL Class?

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People have been getting pounded with constant media attention over gun bans on the state and national levels. It’s made everyone at very least consider how important the Second Amendment (2A) is to them personally, as well as to the nation at large.  […]

Today is the day when the 2A began the fight for its life

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There are few times in life where one can look back and see a very specific and defined point where things have changed. Yes, the Second Amendment (2A) has been attached for decades. Yes, there was a 10 year partial ban on guns. Yes they have been ramping up this latest assault for weeks/months. But [...]

The “illogic of Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban”

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Finally someone in Washington and the media has pointed to the obvious. Finally they have questioned the glaring holes in Dianne Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).  She has repeatedly stated that certain guns should be banned because of one or two cosmetic aspects that make them "look" scary. Repeatedly, she has brought up the fact [...]