Second Amendment – Death by a thousand cuts

By | 2016-04-30T05:11:58+00:00 March 12th, 2013|CHL/LTC|

This is the way it’s been. I said it before and I’ll say it again: They will never be able to take our 2A rights away with one big vote. It’ll be done over years and years through many smaller votes. The Obama administration has mastered the art of death by a thousand cuts. [...]

America will become a patchwork of CHL chaos

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I just read a story about how the gun grabbing freak show has reached astronomical heights in Colorado. It seems that America’s race towards Europen-style avarice has taken a serious and inexplicable turn.  I read that the Colorado legislature is about to ban PUMP ACTION SHOTGUNS!!! What the hell? […]

Just went to the Mesquite Gun Show

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My dad and I got a wild hair to see a circus, so we went to the Mesquite Gun Show to check out the carnival of high priced guns that we’d heard are everywhere nowadays. I had just heard students in my Dallas area concealed handgun class talking about this very thing after the Obama [...]

Gun Control and Racism

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Ever wondered when the US started its gun control efforts? It turns out that it started in the ante-bellum south when free blacks and slaves were not allowed to legally possess firearms. Historically, how many minority groups have been denied the right to protect themselves with guns? History is full of examples unfortunately. [...]

Wounded Warrior Project is anti-gun?!

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One of my long time mentors has been the nationally recognized television and radio show host of Gun Talk and Gun Talk Radio named Tom Gresham. I’ve never actually met him. But I’ve been listening to, watching, and (on rare occassion) emailing back and forth with him for years. […]

Chicago’s Top Cop blames violence on Gun Lobby

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Chicago’s top cop is once again pointing the finger at everyone else for his city’s outrageous violence pandemic.  As you know, I don’t read or watch the news. I’m tired of being told by the media what I’m supposed to think and vote for. A student from a concealed handgun license class in McKinney sent [...]

Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!

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Ever wanted a silencer? Get one NOW!      I was listening to a radio talk show on the way home from a concealed handgun license class in McKinney last week. It drove me crazy…..I’ve listened to the effete intelligentsia ponder for weeks now what Should! and Should Not! be done with guns and those crazy bastards [...]

Ammo Availability

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I was just leaving a private concealed handgun class Plano and decided to stop by Academy Sports off I-75. I had gotten calls from tons of friends and family in prior weeks about the amazing lack of ammo and the skyrocketing prices of guns. What I found amazed me. […]