Executive Orders – What are they?

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As I’m sure you may have heard….Obama issued 23 Executive Orders on Wednesday. As is typical with anything related to politics and the snakes that practice it, some of it is fluff, some of them are proposals, and some of them are now LAW.  But let’s take a quick step back and see what an [...]

Ammo prices bad? Who cares….if you can find it, buy it!

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I have a Plano concealed handgun class this weekend. In preparation for it, I emailed all the students reminding them that they needed to not wait until the last minute before buying ammo due to everyone being sold out of every bullet in every caliber. I got a call from one guy saying that he [...]

American “journalism” is dead

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I saw a CNN “News Flash” pop up on my iphone earlier.  It read “Bergen says ‘Gun violence a national security issue” after beeping frantically in my pocket.  I have sworn off reading the daily news a few years ago because I got to the point that I could not handle the lack of professionalism [...]

Got a new Hunting Handgun!

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When I was a kid, my dad had the coolest Thompson Contender. It was a handgun for hunting. It’s a single shot pistol that you can put an amazing number of barrels on. It takes maybe a minute or two to switch out the barrels. My dad’s had a 30-06 and another barrel that I [...]

Crazy gunman in CT and the abusive press

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I’m sure you’ve all heard of this kid that went in a shot up an elementary school in Connecticut. I don’t even watch the news, and I’ve heard about it.  It’s times like these that makes me wish I was a cop without a conscience. […]

Canadian gun control failure

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Canada – Proof that gun control doesn’t work The Canadian government recently repealed a ridiculous and outrageously expensive gun registration/ban that proved to be a complete waste of time and money. […]