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Here is what to expect on class day

If you have any questions about where class is or what range we are going to, please call me at 214-284-7439

Bring To Class and Range

  • Semi-auto pistol (you can borrow one of mine at no charge. Just let me know before class)
  • 50 rounds of ammunition at least .32 or larger (handgun calibers only….that means you can’t qualify with an AR-15 pistol, for example).
  • Eye and ear protection – prescription glasses and sunglasses are perfectly fine
  • ID with picture
  • $15 cash or check for the range membership card (if you already have the yellow membership card, you won’t need this) and $15 for the range fee.

Range Test Course of Fire

3 yard line – 20 shots:

1 shot in 2 seconds, 5x’s
2 shots in 3 seconds, 5x’s
5 shots in 10 seconds, 1x

7 yard line – 20 shots:

5 shots in 10 seconds, 1x
1 shot in 3 seconds, 5x’s
2 shots in 4 seconds, 1x
3 shots in 6 seconds, 1x
5 shots in 15 seconds, 1x

15 yard line – 10 shots:

2 shots in 6 seconds, 1x
3 shots in 9 seconds, 1x
5 shots in 15 seconds, 1x

Scoring the Target

Each shot inside the 8 ring (see below) is worth 5 points. Each shot in the 7 ring is worth 4 points. Each shot outside the 7 ring but still touching the green part of the target (head, shoulders, pelvis, etc) is worth 3 points. All shots outside of these areas (in the white) or off target are worth zero points.

     Out of a possible 250 points, you only need 175 to pass. So, if you get all 20 in the 8 ring at the 3 yard and the 7 yard line, you’ve scored more than enough to pass!