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I wanted to share with y’all some of the gun related links and searches I use every day for myself. These are the best and most helpful people in the business. If they are on this list, I can and will vouch for them. I use them constantly, so trust these people.

Reference links:

Texas 30.06 – This is a small site that a guy in Austin runs where you can view businesses in your city (or any city in Texas) that have a 30.06 sign posted.

Texas Law Shield – I cannot more highly recommend anything that you need with a Concealed Handgun License. I do not let any of my family members leave home while carrying concealed without it. This is the cheapest CHL insurance in Texas. They offer the most bang for your buck (pun intended :-). If you want 2 extra months for free (that discount they’re giving that I told you about), call me and I’ll set you up or just put “sanmiguel” in the spot for Promo Code or similar area. You end up paying $.37 a day if you pay their yearly fee. Cheap stuff. Or you can pay monthly for like $10 or $11/month. Either way….get this!
If you want this insurance, call me. I’ll set it up with you on the phone so you’ll get 2 free months. Even if you need to wait a few months to save up for it….do this. It’s the only thing I would personally ever consider a requirement for someone I care about that has a CHL. – for reciprocity laws for every state in the US. It’s maintained and kept updated. – the NRA. Join this for no other reason than there is no one else in Washington that can/will protect our 2nd amendment rights like they will….they’re it. And, they are the biggest, badest dudes on the hill. If one of the NRA lobbyists asks for a sit down with a congressman, they don’t get told no. Also, they have a cool magazine you get with your membership. – They’re like the NRA but on a state level. Definitely worth the membership fee (which is low). – a texas based gun chat forum. nice folks…very helpful – another great gun chat forum for information. Obviously mostly about Glocks, but they cover everything you could want to know about almost all kinds of guns. – a gun chat forum dealing mostly with AR-15’s but they have forums for all things guns. The people on this site are pretty rude and strangely aggressive, but it’s a great resource to read through if you need it. – the mother of all gun product websites – the father of all gun product websites. These 2 sites will get you anything from cleaing supplies to ammo, gun parts, gear, hunting stuff, camping, fishing, etc. They have everything!

Numrich Gun Parts – I order from these guys quite a bit for all my gunsmithing needs. They also have lots of good deals on magazines, sites, etc.

Training & Gun dealers I use: – for all your Class 3/NFA silencers, short barrel rifles/shotguns, and machine gun needs. This is a buddy of mine and my favorite Class 3/NFA guy (located in Allen/Parker). His deals are amazing. He works very hard for us to get the best prices available and really cares about our self defense. Please tell Matt I sent you when you call. –   Ro Carter is another CHL instructor and great guy. He’s got great prices on all your firearms need. He’s got a store in Plano that is very accessible!  He’s a great instructor and will work hard to take care of you. Tell him I sent you.– a local (Lewisville) gun dealer with truly amazing prices. The best around. They’re local and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Tell Becky I sent you. Seriously, do a side-by-side comparison with any other gun dealer’s site. I’ve bought more than a dozen guns from her and her husband, and you know I ain’t gonna over pay for a gun! Good stuff…. – this is a funny little website of this crazy old guy in Missouri that buys used police guns. They have outside wear marks but work great. Prices are way low for what you’re getting. Be prepared though….his grammar is terrible. – another good gun site with cheap guns, but I’ve found they rarely beat Sporting Arms’or Recoil Outfitter’s prices. – kind of like the ebay of the gun world. They’re prices are almost always higher, but a great resource for see what the market will bear for this gun or that….also fun to look at. I always use this to ballpark a price on a gun and then call Recoil Outfitters or Sporting Arms (see above).

Proactive Defense – This is The Place to get tactical training I told you about in class. This guy has years of experience and is where I go for training/refresher classes. If you want to get a class together, please let me know. If you wanna just take a class by yourself, just call him and get it going. he has classes all the time.

Ammo suppliers

I get all of my bulk ammo at one of these places which I shop for deals as they come up. If I need a small amount, I get my cheapo ammo at walmart, academy sports, et al.

Gunbot – This is a site that crawls all over the net finding the cheapest ammo prices around. You can even set it to sound an alarm if a certain caliber drops below a price point you’re hoping for. I buy tons from this place and the place below.

WikiArms – the second of two places i get ammo from.

Random Self Defense Products

Good holster manufacturers to google:

Galco (the best leather holster maker out there)

El Paso Saddlery (another good leather holster company)

Blackhawk (one of the best kydex holster makers out there. They do not allow guys like me to deal their holsters without being a major chain store)

Fobus (excellent kydex holsters that I’m a dealer for)

Bianchi, DeSantis, Don Hume, Milt Sparks

Mika (love this guy…former LAPD that retired and makes pocket holsters made to order….i have 5 of them).

Good AR-15 manufacturers – Colt, DPMS, Rock River Arms, Bushmaster, Daniel Defense. There are tons of AR-15 makers. As little as we will be shooting these, we don’t need a top-of-the-line, custom built AR. Get one that will fit your needs but won’t break the bank since we won’t be taking it to war. It’s a tool in a toolbox. Any AR from any prominent manufacturer will be perfectly adequate.

And remember this: Call me if you have a question. It’s part of your fee that you’ve paid….to have me on retainer when you have a CHL question. Call anytime day or night.

Call me if y’all wanna go dump some ammo at the range!